X Roller Hoverboard

Concept for hoverboard packaging. Original and colorful artwork aims to stand out from the many other hoverboard brands.

I've Made a Huge Mistake

This is a campaign that focuses on what fans will recognize as part of their beloved show, since it features a quote said by most of the main characters throughout the show. It stays true to the “Arrested Development” brand, therefore making it very memorable and recognizable.

Find the Tardis

I collaborated with a group of designers to create a campaign to promote Doctor Who's upcoming new season. It is a transmedia campaign incorporating the fans through social media games and competitions; this poster and shirt are some of the prizes.

Walking Dead/Johnson & Johnson

Co-Branding Campaign with AMC's The Walking Dead and Johnson & Johnson products. The co-branding campaign has a comedic approach to the use of Johnson & Johnson products on zombies from the show The Walking Dead, this will catch the eye of anyone walking by, not just fans of the show or the products.

High Res

“High Res” was a four-month-long project to create a full magazine from scratch. From the magazine’s writing/editing articles, all the way to photography, layout design, illustration, and binding. Both the magazine and its masthead were featured in Cal State Fullerton’s 2014 NASAD Show, a 3-week juried competition.