X Roller Hoverboard Concept

Concept for hoverboard packaging.

"I've Made a Huge Mistake" Campaign

This is a campaign that focuses on what fans will recognize as part of their beloved show, since it features a quote said by most of the main characters throughout the show. It stays true to the “Arrested Development” brand, therefore making it very memorable and recognizable.

"Find the Tardis" Campaign

I collaborated with a group to create a campaign to promote Doctor Who's upcoming new season. It is a transmedia campaign incorporating the fans through social media games and competitions; this poster and shirt are some of the prizes.

"Walking Dead/Johnson & Johnson" Co-Branding Campaign

Co-Branding Campaign with AMC's The Walking Dead and Johnson & Johnson products.

"High Res" Magazine

“High Res” was a four-month-long project to create a full magazine from scratch. From the magazine’s writing/editing articles, all the way to layout design, artwork, and binding. Both the magazine and its masthead were featured in Cal State Fullerton’s 2014 NASAD Show, a 3-week juried competition.