Official Mega Man™ Limited Edition Headphones

One of my favorite projects so far, I had the pleasure of creating the packaging for Capcom's Official Mega Man™ Limited Edition Headphones, as well as helping with product development. They are now available in stores including GameStop, Toys-R-Us, and at:

Elite Controller for PS4

I enjoyed this project because I was part of it from the very beginning to the very end, and everything in between. I worked on product design, branding, packaging, marketing materials, and lastly, a pallet display. It was fun to see the whole process happen. Product is now available in stores and on our website:

Elixir de la Vida

This packaging is for a Mexican aguardiente by the name of "Elixir de la Vida." The design focuses on bringing a little bit of the wonderful, colorful, and exciting culture in Mexico and to be eye-catching and unique. The wooden box is covered with authentic hand painted Mexican tile pieces. The bottle has the artwork split in the front and back of the bottle, making the artwork move as the bottle is moved.

Game Case

Branding and packaging design for "Game Case," a smartphone case that doubles as an old school portable console. I had a lot of fun creating the illustration for this packaging, I included the fun blues and greens as well as the original colors of the Game Case.

Neenah Paper: LegenDAIRY Collection

This paper sample aims to show Neenah Paper's whites and yellow tones. The natural color scheme of this collection inspired the cheese box idea and the name "LegenDAIRY Collection."

The Giver

Book jacket design and collateral for Lois Lowry's "The Giver." The design is meant to mimic the controlled environment of the story's community and the hidden pattern represents the emotions and memories that are from the rest of society. Each piece is interactive, either by flipping sides or sliding the sleeve to reveal the hidden patterns or message.